MED Crash Course

Medical Crash Course 

Date TBD, location at K1 Airsoft

Crash course overview:

  • Anatomy and physiology (blood vessels, where bleeds happen, etc)
  • Triage and stopping bleeding
  • Patient assessment (how to check someone for injuries) and hands-on practice
  • Treatment and hands-on practice
  • Emergent moving of patients
  • Assessment and treatment 
  • IFAK load outs and what to get, what works 
  • How HFD, EMS and HPD will likely respond to active shooter dispatches
  • Things you can do that will help EMS/HFD 

Required items:

  • Note-taking material
  • Water

Recommended items:

  • Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK)
  • Clothes that may be dragged/handled/carried for skills practice
  • Snacks

Instructor Background:

  • EMT since 2004 
  • Paramedic since 2008 with AMR
  • Firefighter since 2011 with Honolulu Fire Department (FF3)
  • EMT Curriculum Instructor teaching new HFD recruits along with refresher for incumbents.
  • Hawaii Paramedic (MICT) with AMR. Helped develop AMR's bicycle medic program and trained prospects. 
  • Previously worked with C&C EMS and Queens Medical Center ER Technician 


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