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Night Vision Baseline *06/15/24*

Night Vision Baseline *06/15/24*

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In partnership with Koffin Wurks and GFB Outfitting: "Night Vision Baseline" offers a unique evening event tailored for both novice and potential buyers seeking personalized guidance for their night vision acquisitions. Even if you're already a night vision owner, this event promises value by providing opportunities to test alternative units or laser devices. With a deliberately intimate setting, our aim is to dedicate ample time and attention to each attendee, ensuring they receive comprehensive insights into available technologies and options. Guests will have the chance to explore and immerse themselves in a diverse selection of night vision and related products firsthand, including the exciting opportunity to test devices with an airsoft gun on metal targets. Note: There will be no live ammunition fire.

When: Saturday, June 15, 5:00pm-10:00pm

Where: K1 Airsoft Field

Cost: $125 (Early Bird Special: $100 until June 01)

Subjects Covered: 

  • Fundamentals of night vision 
  • Safety Brief
  • Gear Discussion 
  • Proper wear, adjustment and use of NVG's
  • See a demonstration of rifle mounted laser devices 

We will provide helmets, mounts, night vision devices and lasers.

Participants will rotate through all night vision devices, to see the pros and cons of each, and help them understand the capabilities and limitations of the devices.

What to bring:

  • Helmet or Head Harness for NVG (if you already own one)
  • NVG Helmet Mount (if you already own one)
  • Eye Protection
  • Airsoft GBB or AEG (if you own one)
  • Headlamp/flashlight 
  • Snacks, Energy Drinks, Water, etc. 

Night Vision Devices:

  • L3 PVS31A WP
  • L3 BNVD1531 WP 
  • Argus 1431 Photonis Echo WP
  • Katana Photonis Echo WP
  • Anvis 9 L3 WP
  • PVS14 Photonis Echo WP
  • PVS14 L3 GP

IR Laser Devices:

  • BE Meyers MAWL C1+
  • BE Meyers MAWL DA*
  • L3 AN/PEQ15*
  • Steiner DBAL-A3
  • Steiner DBAL-A3*
  • Steiner TOR Mini IR

Thermal Devices:

  • Safran PAS-29A
  • FLIR Breach


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